Saturday, December 3, 2016


Branenahl, Ohio!

I am glad to be home for a while! Extended travel is so exhausting. It is cloudy and in the mid 40s here, and I enjoy Lake Erie. I have a few friends in Wooster, and one of my favorite pastimes there is to order Starbucks and ask them to write my name on the cup. Ah, the simple enjoyment of a complicated name!

I have the liberty here to embrace and express my inner thoughts without fear of repercussion, a pleasure I have dearly missed.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Good Afternoon Friends!

Interesting read,this one!  I do not typically cite sources as this one, but there are some truths here, However, there are many falsehoods as well. These individuals say they were interrogated,  and I can attest to that to some extent.

 I did not attempt upon entry to hide anything. The interview, as I would like to describe it, goes much easier than what is written in the link above. Tell the truth! Do not attempt to delete your browser history or "scrub" your phone. if you know Palestinians, tell them. The Israelis are trained to prevent disturbances in their country, it is their job. Every thing I own was searched. When you enter the country, consent to search is implied.

Coming from Cairo, Egypt raised many questions, but did not prevent my entry. Lies are what produce bans for entry. Tell the truth.

Ah, but he trouble I avoided not writing while in Jerusalem, however.
If you are altogether too opinionated, It will become known! There are many who blog in Jerusalem and other places nearby, I will pass.

Monday, October 3, 2016


     Ahh, I love to travel! The excitement of meeting new people, experiencing new places is in my blood! It is Rosh Hashanah here in Jerusalem. Some say this is the time of year Adam was created.

     I have tasted  the sweet apples and honey today, to celebrate the new year! I do not believe I have ever eaten such a tasty fish head in my life, to show I am the head, and not the tail.

     Shanah Tovah, Have a good year, my many friends here in Jerusalem! I am tired, I have seen much today. It is around 1 AM, but who is counting? I spent the later part of the evening at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center, I may speak of that later.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Oben Hammer


                                     Oben Hammer

     He was a traveler from Cameroon, Recently from Shanghai, China. He seemed delighted when approached about an interview.  I asked him about the business trip . "Racism was a little problem when I was there." They really do not like Blacks and some Whites". "Skin color."
     The few comments about the trip were enough to know that there was much trouble to tell of, but I did not ask. He noted my concern, and said, "Nice place, full of amazing people and culture; Honestly, China is a wonderful place to visit." "He likes things to be positive" I thought to myself.

     Oben Hammer is into Multi Level Marketing. He did not discuss his career. He did say that his experience talking to 400 at one time left him trembling and in pain.

     Oben embraces a Christian faith. He believes Christians should practice what they preach.If he had to change his name, it would be Wisdom. He sees himself  as calm,responsible, and lovely. He desires to touch lives for the better. Oben Hammer sees himself as a helper of the homeless, and wants to make his society proud. If given the opportunity, Oben Hammer desires to make a mark on the world that will never be forgotten.

    Mr, Hammer is well traveled,but the finest place he has ever been is his home in Cameroon.

    Real Madrid is his Football team, and he loves soul music. I asked about how travelling changes a man and was told this.

   "THE MIND SET is different.Traveling to other places or countries enables you to understand people easily. It is easy for you to accept them as they are because in this world, it is much better for you to understand people than them understanding you." This resonated with a 7 Habits Seek first to understand, then to be understood speech, but it sounded good from his lips nonetheless.

    Oben Hammer presents himself plainly, but in a neat manner. he is not overly concerned about his vocabulary, and prefers to speak in a way that someone can learn.

    Engaged,and in preparation for marriage, Oben Hammer is excited about the future. "She has good taste, she will decorate the house." Oben is very concerned about how his fiance feels, and wishes to keep her happy. When there is disagreement between them, Oben seeks a mutual understanding from his fiance. Her input is a necessity in his life.

    Oben Hammer feels as though the people of the world should not be so greedy, and that we should shower each other with love,

     It was nice to meet a fellow traveler, and I plan on staying in touch.

Tom and Basil Cairo, Egypt

Early Morning!  Or Late Night! Quite eventful.

     The young man I spoke with caused me a night of lost sleep, so I went to the Tom and Basil here in Cairo to wind down. I ordered the Bomfret Potatoes and a Fanta. The waitstaff gave me a corner table so I could watch the door. Though rude, they accomidated my request.

     Something about being questioned by Cairo's finest will make you alert. I wont be in this city much longer. Svitlana already has taken a plane flight out. I don't know who to trust right now.

     The pizza smelled wonderful, but I'm not sure I will be here long enough to try some.

     I pulled out my laptop and poured through the various things I had written. Perhaps I can post more in the morning.

Sherif Bello

     So, I have not written for a while, as I had to relocate. Apparently, some of the authorities in Cairo are concerned that I wish the worst for ISIS, as posted in some of my comments on Fox News.    
     I was not questioned in a humanitarian manner as Americans might say, but due to well placed funds, negotiation was available, and here I am.

I was not here, but this is a sample of what is going on.

      Sherif Bello

      So, I love a good story.
     Instead of a heartfelt tale, I ran into a saafil, that is, a base, loathsome person. I met Sherif Bello at a local restaurant, (location not disclosed this time!) and we speak of many things. I ask for an interview, and he accepts.

     Sherif Bello is 19 years of age and was born June 7th, 1997. Mr. Bello likes rock and roll music and his favorite bands are Impellitteri and Animetal. Sheriff Bello is attending college in Lagos, Nigeria for business administration. Sherif Bello spoke rapidly of various topics, to include his interest in seducing married women.

     Sherif Bello's demeanor changed. He stated he needed 200,000 US Dollars. Shocked, I asked him what he would do with the money. Sherif had a plan. "you give me money, I give you an idea."
"Money first, 200,000 US Dollars."

     I believe that Sheriff Bello was trying to intimidate me. I chuckled inside at the aggressive youth.
"Sherrif Bello, do your friends and family know what is behind the mask of friendliness you wear every day?"
     Sheriff Bello gave me a long, hard stare, and simply stated, "BYE BYE" in a strange but menacing tone, and left abruptly.

     I wonder what will become of Sheriff Bello in the years to come.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Daniel Tredway


  Daniel Tredway                               

Imposing, intimidating, downright scary.

In my profession, I meet all kinds. I have, believe it or not, looked death in the eye on occasion. Now this Daniel Tredway was altogether another proposition. Even though he is 5' 6" and 150 pounds, I shivered inside and the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. Covered from head to toe with tattoos and a grin that said to me, "try something."
He was not a man I would want to owe money to or meet in a dark alley. I am 5' 11" and 170 lbs with many hours of specialized training, and my confidence shrank instantly.

Gathering myself together, and ashamed at how weak I had felt, I approached the man. "How are you?" I asked. Daniel Tredway continued smiling, and said "excellent!" Stammering a little, I asked, "where did you do hard time?" Smiling, Daniel said, "believe it or not, I'm a registered nurse." I stammered, again, "I believe that, I guess you've never been to prison then".
I did not believe a word he was saying.

"I've been arrested for several things over the many years, but I've never been to prison! It's an extreme form of attention gettting!" I laughed at the comment, and Daniel Tredway said, "It's something I was missing from childhood, trying desperately trying to compensate for something!"

My perception of danger diminished. I was in a sincere conversation with this stranger. It felt comfortable. "so, you didn't get attention from your peers or your parents?"
"My parents were not real good to me as I grew up. They loved me but were not very good at showing it. They are pretty straight laced and they very much dislike my appearance. My mother was a nurse and my father has a Ph.D. In history. I had a real hard time with peers while in school. I didn't start getting tattooed until late in life. I think I got my first tattoo at age 34. It has caused a big transformation in terms of the way people perceive me. People seem to perceive me in a different way than I perceive myself. It went from people intimidating me to my intimidating them. Also I really like to be stared at. It's weird but I really enjoy it. Constant attention from others. Almost as if it were an illness. A mental illness or even some type of perversion. "

Daniel Tredway, I was soon to learn, was very straightforward about things.

Intrigued, I wanted to know more about his upbringing. "So, the peers, how about them? Did you move a lot?"

"No. We were pretty stationary. Moved three times before I was out of high school. Lived in a place called the quad cities. On the Mississippi River in Iowa and Illinois. The place all told has about half a million people living in it. Kind of a tough spot. I saw a lot of violence growing up. Was scared a lot. I think that played heavily in my being so heavily tattooed. I was always a very fearful person."

I was impessed by the confidence in his expression. It has always been my understanding that a man that can admit to his fears is a man equiped with the tools to manage them.

Upon further discussion, I found out that Daniel Tredway assesses behavioral health concerns for a living. I asked him about the state of humanity. He seemed like he wanted a challenge, so I said, "In three words only."

Daniel Tredway ignored my chalenge and instead quoted Charles Bukowski."We are all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love one another but it does not. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing. We value all the things that have no value and all the things that actually do have value we don't care about. Some how we have become backwards. We think that we are so much smarter than we actually are. Maybe Dostoyevsky said it best..... We are "ungrateful bipeds" And it's in our nature to destroy ourselves."

Mr. Tredway trailed off, as if pondering a profound thought. "We don't seem to honor that which has been given to us..... Our lives and each other!

Mr. Tredways depth of thought did not match his clothing, which were jeans and a tee shirt, and I commented on this. In an upbeat tone, he stated, "I dress like I think I'm really cool. Casual. Jeans and t shirts! Nothing too elaborate!

He spoke of music. "Rock! Jimi Hendrix! Some rap stuff! Nirvana! Rage against the machine! Noel young! Motörhead! Beastie boys! Cypress hill!.....

I became intrugued at the simply dressed, philisophical, heavily tattooed man. At 51, Daniel Tredway seemed amped up and ready to go.

I asked him about his job, and how he handled people he could not stand. A story immediately came to his tongue. "Well. I was working in Illinois as a nurse at a mental health center. When you work in-patient mental health you have many individuals that come in frequently. One such person was this very unattractive, older, ugly, white man. His wife ran some type of day care and he was a pedaphile and had molested several children! I hated this man and I had violent, violent thoughts about him and thought about physically painful things I wanted to do to him! Obviously I wasn't going to harm him physically as I would more than likely be punished for this. So all I did was wear gloves any time I interacted with him and tried to communicate to him non verbally how much I hated him! This was about ten years ago and I still think about this!"
This was a man who held a grudge, albiet perhaps justifiable. Not a man to trifle with.
We continued in conversation. Mr.Tredway looked forward and expessed a desire to be more selfless, and stop repeating mistakes. Mr. Treadway told me his bitterness and pessimism stems from relationships. He felt that if God existed, he had given up on humanity. He spoke of other things that bothered him deeply. His outward bravado did not reveal this, nor did anything he had said prior.

It was time to leave. I felt sympathy for the pain Daniel Tredway hides. The man who I shivered at the sight of warmed my heart with his sincerity.

I learned much from Daniel Tredway today.

So, tell me about a time you had to work with someone you hated, or hated you. and how you handled it.

I believe that. The question about prison time is irrelevant then!

I be